I really want to have the cute kind of sex again. Not just rushed in straight away.

I miss the lead up. The giggling and dumb talking about nothing and knowing what’s going to happen.

I want the cuddles and the hand holding and the light touches on my face, my wrist, my thigh.

I want the…



Happy Friday.


If you grab my hips or run your fingertips over my lower stomach we’re having sex.


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You’re losing me but you don’t even notice. (via forgottenfeeelings)
I always believed that monsters doesn’t exists in real life. That it was just an imagination made by our parents who want to scare us and watch us fall asleep. As I grow up, I always fear the monsters hiding under my bed. I always thought that they will eat me. That they’ll hurt me. My mom used to say that monsters are scary and that they could make me cry by just looking at them. She told me that they have glowing red eyes, scary face and dark aura. As I grow up, I never ever imagined that all my life, she lied to me. She never told me that monsters aren’t only hiding under my bed. She never told me that all of us has demons hiding inside us. She never tell me that those demons are having a serious battle with my mind. That all those times, those demons in my head never wins against me. But lately, I have realized that you can’t drown those demons forever because they know how to swim. I realized that you can’t always win over them because as time passes by, they gain more power and they will destroy you. They will hurt you, they will ruin your life. Their voices will invade your head. They’ll have the courage to get into you. My mom never warned me about them. She never told me how to fight those demons because she’s helping those demons win over me. People around me help those demons win over me. They want the demon to destroy me. To take over me. She never warned me about those demons (via yoursweetestdownfalls)